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To our friends and cherished loyal customers:
When our great grandparents opened their first roadside “u-pik” strawberry stand, their mission was to offer the folks of our community a safe and memorable strawberry-picking experience. Years have passed and that experience has grown from its humble beginnings into a cherished tradition for so many families. Our mission remains, and always will, that of our forebears: to grow nutritious food safely and dependably, right here at home on the land we all love. From sourcing and acquiring live plants of varying varieties early each Spring, maintaining soil health, calculating new field plots in locations where we can host public crowds, to strategic planting and frost control techniques, preparation for strawberry season is a process that occurs on the farm year-round. Each and every year, during this process, the convenience, comfort, and safety of our customers remains our highest priority.
This year, the safety and comfort of us all is more important than ever before. To keep everyone safe, this season, we are asking all guests to our strawberry patch to kindly abide by a few guidelines:
  • Please send 1-2 healthy family members PER CAR to the strawberry fields, and no children under 12 years old EXCEPT on designated “FAMILY DAYS.” We really want to do everything we can to avoid large crowds.
  • Check in and receive provided container at our designated check-in spot. Per County health code, guests are required to use provided containers. You may not bring your own.
  • Everyone is politely asked to wear a face mask when checking in, and during check-out. Parking is limited, so remember please to consider others and put your mask on before exiting your vehicle.
  • All guests MUST maintain a distance of SIX FEET from all other pickers and staff.
As a small, family-run operation, we are always dependent on the help and hard work of our beloved friends and neighbors, aunts, uncles, and cousins each harvesting season. We truly couldn’t do it without their help, or without the support of our cherished, faithful customers. From us all at Jefferies Orchard, we sincerely thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time, where everyone is navigating different and challenging uncharted territory.
We accept cash along with credit/debit cards and checks.  Please note that we are now passing along a portion of the fees charged by Square to our customers with a nominal 3% per transaction fee for card purchases.  If you don't have cash and do not wish to pay Square fees, you may also write a check.  Thank you for your support!
See our About Us tab for more information about Community Supported Agriculture.


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Jefferies Orchard
1016 Jefferies Rd
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Phone: +1 217 4877582

Our Mission

To grow high quality produce that is fresh and in-season for our customers, while honoring the land and sustaining our family farm. 


We appreciate your support in this mission!  Thank you!


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