Welcome to Jefferies Orchard.

We're still closed, but looking forward to opening this Spring and seeing everyone!


Asparagus usually begins around late April, but is very dependent upon warmer temperatures.  Please feel free to check this website -- it will be updated when we have an opening date.  When we get started, asparagus is usually harvested for about 6 weeks.  Rhubarb begins a couple of weeks after the beginning of asparagus, and u-pick strawberries are usually ripe around the end of May.


We've been very busy all winter:  repairing equipment, tending to potted peach trees that were grafted last fall, pruning blueberry bushes and fruit trees, and having covered the strawberries earlier in the winter, now making sure the deer are not munching on the tender plants.  We've also started rhubarb roots in pots, which will be available for sale when we open.


Our family has grown!  Welcome sweet, little one!

(Notice the fruits and veggies on the pj's!  Such style already!)







Certified as a Sesquicentennial Farm by the Illinois Department of Agriculture in 2020.


Where to Find Us:

Jefferies Orchard
1016 Jefferies Rd
Springfield, IL 62707

Phone: +1 217 4877582

Our Mission

To grow high quality produce that is fresh and in-season for our customers, while honoring the land and sustaining our family farm. 


We appreciate your support in this mission!  Thank you!


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