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We will have a few peaches left the morning of Monday, August 20.  We also have quite a few seconds, which are great for freezing, baking and jams/jellies.  Please feel free to call us at 217/487-7582 if you are heading our way to purchase peaches.  Demand has been great, and we thank everyone for a great peach season.


Delicious bi-color sweet corn - picked fresh several times a day! Taste the difference that freshness makes! 


Tender, fresh zucchini also available!  Very sweet flavor, perfect for stir-fri and "zoodles" (not sure what a zoodle is? - just visit us and we'll explain).  Very large zucchini available, great for freezing to make breads and cakes!


Bell peppers and grape tomatoes ("mini romas") are here!


Kilbourne cantaloupe back for the weekend!  Delicious!

While you're visiting our market, take a moment to browse our selection of Country Home Creations gourmet mixes.  Try customer favorite Confetti Cheeseball mix - makes a great potluck potato casserole and recipe cards are free.  Strawberry lemonade mix is back in stock.  Beer bread mix is so easy, and only $6.50!


Halladay's seasonings and mixes are all on sale at $3 each.  Many great chicken, burger and pasta blends.  Great for grilling season!  See our Recipes page for two great Halladay's mix recipes:  Steak Fajitas and Carribean Chicken.  Enjoy summer with these delicious dishes!


We also proudly carry Cooper's Mill jams, sauces and syrups.  The very popular Blueberry syrup is also back in stock.



Next crops:  Tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon, apples and much more!


TAG SALE ON THE PORCH:  Labor Day Weekend.  Household, clothing, miscellaneous.  Rain or shine.  Check back for a more complete listing.



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