Welcome to Jefferies Orchard.

We are open daily:

Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

Monday-Saturday 9 am to 6 pm






In-season Now:

Fresh-pressed apple cider

Brussels sprouts


Broccoli, Kale, and Cabbage

Cauliflower - yellow and white (a few purple)



Squash:  Acorn (going fast), Butternut, Spaghetti, & Honey Nut*

Pink Banana Squash**

Local, raw honey


Illinois Apples:

Our own Golden Delicious

Red Delicious



Honey Crisp



*Honey Nut squash are a miniature version of Butternut squash, with a sweeter, more concentrated flavor and tender, edible skin.


**Pink Banana Squash are excellent for pies, cookies and bars.  We can give tips for baking and freezing.  Stock up your freezer for the holiday season!

Our own fresh cider is here! Not to be rushed, we wait until the apples are at the peak of ripeness to begin our cider season.  We use this year's apples, no frozen ingredients, and no preservatives for a fresh apple flavor you won't find anywhere else.


Visit our Recipes tab for a great recipe using our Country Home Creations Honey Apple Pecan Dip Mix and apple cider:  Mom's Warm Apple Pie Dip -- delicious!  Plus a recipe for Apple Cider Punch that can be made alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Fall Decorations:

A large variety of pumpkins and gourds.  Our prices can't be beat, and we're convenient -- we have wagons available and all pumpkins are already picked for you! We've been growing pumpkins for over 75 years, and this is one of our best pumpkin seasons.


Straw Bales - under our porch, so they're fresh and dry for your decorating and utility needs (bedding, insulation, mulch)


Other Products:

Just in:  Gourmet Peanut Butter Brittle Caramel Corn and Buttery Clusters Caramel Corn


Tea bags in Apple Spice and Honey flavors


We are proud to carry Mr. Gixby's deluxe soaps in delectable fall scents:  Hot Cocoa, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Cider and Caramel Apple.  They not only smell divine, but are also beautiful to look at -- a great choice for hostess gifts and to include in personal care gift baskets.  Made locally, with cruelty-free, vegan ingredients.


We're also proud to carry Natural Artistry jams, made locally using Jefferies Orchard's fresh produce!  Shelly's Sweet & Chunky Salsas and Jimmy Sticks hot sauces, both made in Illinois!


Where to Find Us:

Jefferies Orchard
1016 Jefferies Rd
Springfield, IL 62707

Phone: +1 217 4877582


Special Note:  When you search for us on Google or  Bing, our hours are not displayed correctly, even though we've reported the problem numerous times.  It's best to visit our website for the most up-to-date information.

Our Mission

To grow high quality produce that is fresh and in-season for our customers, while honoring the land and sustaining our family farm. 


We appreciate your support in this mission!  Thank you!


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