Welcome to Jefferies Orchard.

We are open daily:

Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

Monday-Saturday 9 am to 6 pm


We have in-season for you:

Fresh-pressed apple cider

Apples (several varieties)

Cauliflower - white, purple, and yellow

Cabbage - green and red

Broccoli - several varieties -- all delicious!


Butternut and acorn squash

Striped spaghetti squash - a cross with Delicata, tender and sweet


See our Recipes page for cooking ideas, and visit our Market for more recipes and cooking suggestions.


We have a GREAT pumpkin crop this year! Many sizes of jack o'lantern pumpkins plus flat pumpkins for stacking - all $5 and under!  Lots of small decorative gourds including fancy bat-winged gourds. Small ivory pumpkins and Jack Be Little pumpkins.  Gigantic "Lunch Lady" gourds in bold colors pack a big decorating punch.


More decorating staples for Fall: Indian Corn, rustic limb cookies and STRAW BALES.


Let us help you deck out your porch and home for Fall -- we have wagons and our parking is very convenient.

Stop by and visit Whinnie, Mickey and Toby, our miniature horse herd


Our last planned day of the season:  Wednesday, November 27 (day before Thanksgiving)



Brussels sprouts and turnips.


While you're visiting our market, take a moment to check out our selection of Cooper's Mill jams, sauces and syrups -- simple goodness since 1969.  Cooper's Mill uses only real sugar in their products -- NO high fructose corn syrup.  We also offer their candle brand, Crossroads, in decorative pint jars in a variety of scents and rustic label designs.  Only $11 -- they burn for 40 hours and are made in the USA.

Where to Find Us:

Jefferies Orchard
1016 Jefferies Rd
Springfield, IL 62707

Phone: +1 217 4877582

Our Mission

To grow high quality produce that is fresh and in-season for our customers, while honoring the land and sustaining our family farm. 


We appreciate your support in this mission!  Thank you!


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